Laxmap.org is all about spreading the knowledge of lacrosse. It's made by lacrosse players for lacrosse players. A lot of groups have interest, and can benefit from this site:

- ELF can benefit by keeping track of the growth of the sport

- The national federations can benefit by having an interface for the map so new players can find a team, and add markers for potential new locations for teams.

- The individual teams can show he rest of the world where they're located.

- New players and exchange students can easily find a team near their town.


Laxmap.org is based on Google Maps . All laxmap is doing is keeping track of the teams in a small MySQL database and storing the location of the team by extracting the coordinate from the Google Maps link provided when creating a team entry.

The national federations can recieve a URL for a country map that can easily be incorporated in existing websites by the use of an IFRAME. Contact laxmap.org for more info.

Contact info

Contact us at info@laxmap.org

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