Here are some quotes from users

Kristian Gotsch, European Lacrosse Federation, Vice President - Email to all European lacrosse nations (Really kicked off the website):
"With the rapid growth of lacrosse throughout Europe at the moment, it becomes more and more difficult to keep an overview of the lacrosse clubs out there. With the launch of it will now be much easier to get that overview which will help each one of us overcome some of the time consuming challenges we are often faced with...
...The European Lacrosse Federation is very supportive of this website and encourages everyone to start using the new tool"

Lisa, NSW Lacrosse, Sydney, Australia - Unsolicited email (made my day):
"I just added our club to your website and wanted to say that I think it's a great idea! Well done and thank you for creating such a wonderful site for lacrosse players and supporters all over the world."

Hugh, Lacrosse in France - Request for getting a graphical representation of the growth of lacrosse (resulted in the graphs on the stats page)
"Thanks for listing the lacrosse clubs in France on your site. It's very helpful and full of useful information.
We are a very young team and do not have the financial means of some of the other countries. We have to start the search for sponsor from scratch. I was hoping to illustrate lacrosse's rapid growth in Europe over the past decade by showing year-by-year emergence of new clubs, so sponsors know this a fast growing sport and worthwhile investment.
I really appreciate your lax map of European clubs, you can already see the sport has a significant presence in Europe.
I also found on your site the founding dates of the clubs in Europe I was wondering if it is possible to to illustrate this recent explosive growth of lacrosse via a time-lapse or a series of maps year-by-year with all the lax clubs present up to that year."

Evan Willis, Australia - Request to expand (Resulted in the worldwide
Firstly, what a great idea laxmap is! Congratulations. I am wondering if you would be able to help me set one up for lacrosse in Australia? Was it difficult to do? Do you need a high level of proficiency in web design to do it?

Ken Galluccio, well known guy from Germay - Request to get a youth category (which he got with the youth spot on markers)
Many thanks for setting this up - looks like there has been a good response so far!
Here a big PLEASE and suggestion... can we please include YOUTH teams as a category?

Albert Garner, Tahoe Dawgs, Nevada - Request for adding a US state (which was done a.s.a.p.):
"I saw your post on the lacrosse forums and set up our men's club team on the website. You do not have an option for the USA - Nevada. Our club, the Tahoe Dawgs, are from Incline Village, NV where we host our tournament, and it would be great to represent the state of Nevada for anyone who may come across us."

Jim Peterson, Okinawa Lacrosse Club, Japan - Email to East Asian Lacrosse contacts (resulted in several new markers):
"Please give favorable consideration to adding your lacrosse teams/clubs & tournaments to this map. I think it will help spread awareness of lacrosse's growth in the international arena and create connections for lacrosse players as they travel...
...I get a lot of inquiries from players in the US that are looking for lacrosse connections in Asia. If this map were populated with your teams, it would allow those players to contact you directly."

Maud Hietzge, German Author who have written a book about lacrosse - Request to use screenshot (got permission to use screenshot):
"I have written a first book on lacrosse in German and took a screenshot of the old - website. The company acts very exactly in cases of copyrights, therefore I am asking if you agree. I will not get a huge amount of author's fee but did it because I am a former Lacrosse player and was asked to - I couldn't refuse."

Incorporated laxmap

Here's a list of clubs / teams / organizations that have embedded laxmap on their website (that we know of):


Copenhagen Lacrosse: